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The Edgiest Venue In Dublin For Drinks And Dancing

By fiodhna_hm

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Over the years of living in Dublin, there have been a few favourite clubs of mine. My fresher years were spent frequenting D2 and the Palace, then eventually graduating to the more chilled The Grand Social and Twisted Pepper as I came to discover that going out was way more fun than kicking back at home. However, throughout the past six years there was always a solid constant. It was the place you'd go when half of the gang at pre-drinks had actually put a bit of effort in, while the rest of us looked like we'd been dragged through a bush backwards. It was the place you'd go when varying music tastes began to divide parties – some were looking for indie or hip hop, others were in pursuit of house and disco. It was the place you go when you had literally absolutely one hundred percent NO INTENTION of going out; "like no, I genuinely have to be in the library at 8am tomorrow", but a free wine reception at some college event would get your guard down and you'd end up there, dancing and talking shite in the smoking area til 4am. Workmans is like that past lover you'll always have a little place for in your heart.


Nights spent in Workmans feel like you're at a really good gaff party just minus someone vomiting in your bed, the wrath of angry neighbours, and the potential knock on the door from a few guards. Downstairs the big room provides ample space to dance, with some great live music and even karaoke on Sunday evenings. Upstairs you have the best little dancefloor to be found anywhere in Dublin, and the only place you'll hear the Smiths and the Proclaimers at 3am. On Wednesdays their 'Somewhere?' night never disappoints, with DJ Deece and pals playing such a wide range of tunes. Even the fact that 'Somewhere?' has even been running for 4 years must be some kind of record for a club night in this city.


It has to be said that my favourite kind of Workmans, is Christmas Workmans; it's all open fires, tacky decorations, dancing on couches, banter with the bouncers, and All I Want for Christmas played alongside Inspector Norse. Like the Room of Requirement, Workmans provides all that you could ever want in a night out, and then some, and I'll keep coming back for more.



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