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01st Oct 2020

World Vegetarian Day – 11 veggie eats to help you celebrate

Sarah Finnan

World Vegetarian Day

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The first of October (aka spooky season), today is also World Vegetarian Day so ya may as well honour the occasion by treating yourself to one of these tasty veggie eats.

Roasted cauliflower 

I don’t know what exactly they put on their cauliflower to make it so damn good but just trust me on this one.

Vegan coddle 

A staple in the Dublin diet, veggies needn’t miss out anymore. Perfectly timed with the arrival of the colder autumn months.

Halloumi sticks

You had me at halloumi. It may be the squeakiest cheese around but it’s also one of the most delish.

Vegan sushi 

Sushi – just without the fish… which, funnily enough, is often the reason many meat-eaters tend not to like sushi. So a win for all diets.s

Charcoal bun burger

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Chick-arnt burger

Not an actual chicken burger, obviously. Veginity described this one as “the juiciest” fillet they’ve tasted and if that’s not a raving endorsement, i don’t know what is.

Autumn harvest plate

Seasonal eating at its best. Had this for lunch not too long ago and 10/10 would nom again.

Sloppy Joe

Just don’t wear white when chowing down on one of these bad boys… learn from my mistakes.

Spiced apple oats

If there’s one thing that makes getting out of bed on a cold October morning that little bit easier, it’s knowing that there’s a warming bowl of spiced apple oats waiting for you at Urbanity. Your tummy will thank you.

Loaded fries

I follow and unfollow The Saucy Cow on Instagram on the regular for the simple reason that their feed makes me too hungry. Everything on their menu gets a big YES from me – especially their paprika-coated waffle fries.


I don’t think I really need to explain this one, so just let the below speak for itself.

What’s that? Oh, just our bellies rumbling.

Dinner time is fast approaching and having spent the last half hour compiling this list, well it’s safe to say that I’m good and hungry now.

Happy World Vegetarian day one and all.

Header image via Instagram/The Saucy Cow

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