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20th Dec 2016

You Can Now Buy Cracked Nut’s Protein Balls All Across The City


Anyone familiar with Cracked Nut on Camden Street will know that they do a whole range of different treats, both decadent and guilt-free.

When you’re trying to eat healthily their raw protein balls are just the treat you need with your mid-morning matcha, as they’re absolutely jam-packed with antioxidants and goodness. 

You can choose from Lemon Spitulina, Goji Coconut, Mixed Bunch, Matcha Orange or Cacao Chia. Plus, all the products in the range are made from the cleanest, purest ingredients with no added sweeteners, chemicals, fillers or additives.

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However, now you don’t need to be near Camden Street to get your fix…

The Cracked Nut crew have started supplying over 30 Super Valu supermarkets and other independent stores across Dublin too. You can find them at the Food Academy stand or else in the health aisle, with plans to expand nationally by the end of the year. 

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Snacking just got a whole lot healthier!

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