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20th Dec 2016

You Know You’re In Dublin When…


Living in Dublin is deadly – you’ve got a shit tonne of great restaurants right on your doorstep, the sea is a 10-minute drive away no matter where you are in the city, and when the sun is shining, there’s nowhere like it.

But there are some Dublin experiences that just don’t happen anywhere else – both good and bad. How many of these can you identify with? (Unless you’re a blow-in, we’d say you can tick ’em all off already.)

1. You almost vom on the smell of hops in the morning

Particularly if you’re in the Dublin 8 / Smithfield vicinity. Sometimes, it’s the comforting smell of home. Other times? It’s a revolting reminder of the night before.

2. You can’t get a taxi for love nor money

The night after you have a really long discussion with a taxi driver about how “there’s just no work any more”. Yeah, right.

Taxi Gif

3. A very attractive charity mugger attempts to charm you out of your hard-earned dollah

And sometimes, just sometimes, they succeed.

Jamie Dornan Stare

4. You get attacked by a very un-frightened seagull

Trying to steal your lunch / handbag / cup of coffee.

Dublin Seagulls

5. You step in dog shit

At least once a month. 

Dog Poop

6. You find €30 worth of Dublin Bus change tickets

And it’s always when you think you’re flat broke. Who knew it was such a blessing in disguise?

7. You *almost* topple off your Dublin Bike when it gets caught in the Luas tracks

We know, we know – we shouldn’t be cycling on them. But why would we add an unnecessary 30-minute cycle on to our journey?! 

8. You sit down for a fancy dinner and the guy next to you is wearing a GAA jersey

We just don’t have any respect for rules of etiquette or fashion – especially when there’s a match on.

9. It’s easier to find a Kangashkan in Pokémon Go than a reasonably priced house share

But, sure, who’d live anywhere else?