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Early Doors

14th Jun 2019

This Healthy Kebab Spot Just Opened Up In Foxrock And It’s Stunning

Alan Fisher

Kebabs are back in fashion, folks.

Not sure they ever went out of fashion to be honest but, the opening of Kerb has definitely given them a new lease fo life.

I went down to have a first look for our Early Doors series:

First and foremost, the style they have gone for is beautiful.

You can’t help but love the pink logo on a background of teal. Stunning.

That’s appealing to the eyes but, does the taste add up?

Yes, I can confirm, it does.

I was lucky enough to try out three different types of the kebabs, or Kerbabs as they like to call them.

I started with the spiced lamb with smoked aubergine puree, pickled kale, crispy onions, radish and garlic aioli. The initial smokey taste will leave you wanting more straight away.

I then dived into the delicious falafel before I hit my favourite, crispy coconut shrimp.

It’s accompanied by mixed leaves, red cabbage slaw, mango chutney, curry mayo and lemon dill.

Good god, the shrimp is amazing and the mango chutney really makes this kebab.

Then I tried some hummus and washed it all down with a flat white.

There are loads of other options that I’ll definitely be back to try but what I got to taste was amazing.

Kerb is located in the small village of Foxrock and you’ve got to go check it out.