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Early Doors

10th Dec 2019

The latest restaurant opening in Terenure is absolutely amazing

Alan Fisher

Goodness gracious, you have to check out the Eaton 6w, the latest restaurant opening in Terenure.

I get to check out a lot of new openings for our Early Doors series but this place really blew me away.

Just look at the waffles. Seriously.

It’s based in the old Brambles restaurant and the decor got a big change and so did the menu.

What I love is that they are open pretty much all day serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Normally, you question what is the restaurant specializing in if they are doing it all?

But I can confirm they have nailed the entire menu for the day.

So what did I get?

I started off with the chicken & waffles after seeing a picture of them before I arrived.

I was a bit confused with the mix of spinach, sweetcorn, chicken, waffles and maple syrup on them, wondering if it would work.

But, yes it did.

It was so tasty.

Next up I got my favorite dish of the day which was pork belly, accompanied by black pudding croquettes, leeks, and some apple & blackberry compote.

Honestly, the pork belly was perfectly crispy on top and tender underneath.

I’m dying to go back and get this.

Finally, I got my hands on sticky toffee pudding waffles which, again, were amazing.

Even looking at the video, my mouth is watering again.

They really have done an excellent job revamping this spot in Terenure and I could not recommend it more.

Make sure you get down to Eaton 6w, the latest restaurant opening in Terenure, and give it a go this winter.

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