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25th Mar 2018

Before Brunch: The Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal And What You Need To Know About It

Megan Cassidy

“What does it mean to be complicit?” – The sentence Donald Trump’s daughter was endlessly trolled over last year has never been more poignant.

It’s been a bad eighteen months for Facebook. Fake news, the Russians, and now Cambridge Analytica. Eighteen months ago, Zuckerburg said it was “crazy” to think Facebook could influence an election. Now we know this happened. What is happening NOW that is our responsibility to be aware of? How complicit are WE in sharing our data with these companies? How much control do we have over the decisions we make online and thus in the real world?

We take a deep dive into all of these questions in this week’s tech-y episode of Before Brunch.

*We apologise for the lack of dirt this week – we had our nerd hats on. Lots of filthy gossip next week we promise*

Before Brunch Podcast is the perfect Sunday morning hangover cure. Megan and Cassie chew over all the biggest stories of the week, from the frivolous to the meaningful and everything in between. It’s the same dirt you talk about at Brunch, we’re just digging a little deeper.

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