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05th Mar 2020

Even Coppers is being hit by coronavirus panic

Sarah Finnan

Even your weekly jaunt to Coppers might be affected by the coronavirus…

Ah, Copper Face Jacks; love it or loathe it, there’s no denying that it’s an Irish institution. A place that you have to visit at least once in your life… if only just to experience the madness and say that you’ve lived to tell the tale.

And despite multiple pre-night out promises that you’re absolutely NOT going to end up in Coppers, that’s not how things usually pan out. Admit it, you’re amongst friends here.

The birthplace of many a fling and relationship, it’s where lovesick partygoers go in search of romance… but it seems that patrons hoping to find love there in the coming weeks may have to put plans on hold. At least until the coronavirus scare has passed.

Posting the below image to their Facebook page, Coppers captioned it:

“Signs are currently being erected ahead of the weekend to help stop the spread of #CoronaVirus.  Could you all just fist bump or something until this all blows over?”

While the signs aren’t actually going up, it’s good advice all the same… we’re not so sure avid Coppers fans will agree though.

One word of warning you absolutely must heed? Do not, I repeat DO NOT, wear open-toed shoes if there’s any hope that you’ll end up in Coppers. There’s nothing worse than a cold, slimy mop brushing over your feet as you dance away completely unawares.

Been there, done that, would not recommend.

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