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29th Apr 2020

People on Twitter are divided on the pronunciation of Ranelagh

Sarah Finnan


Twitter has proven itself to be a popular forum for discussion, encouraging people to have their say on a wide range of different topics… the latest being over the correct pronunciation of ‘Ranelagh’.

Things have been heating up on Twitter today with people coming to virtual blows over one very divisive topic. No, not politics or the latest Covid-19 news, but rather the pronunciation of a certain area of Dublin – Ranelagh.

Not the first time the debate has cropped up either as a similar debacle was brought to our attention back in 2017 when a photo of a sign outside Nick’s Coffee Company was posted on Instagram. According to them, though spelt ‘Ranelagh’, the village is actually pronounced ‘Ren-lah’.

It seems that the argument has yet to be settled though as the topic has come to the fore once again, with spokespeople for both sides.

I can’t say I’m any the wiser, but as one commenter pointed out the fun is in the guessing and Dubs will pronounce it however they see fit. Who knew there was such a divide?

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