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One Area Of Dublin Got A Bit Of A Slagging On First Dates Last Night

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First Dates Ireland returned to our screens last night and as usual the nation was gripped as the featured singletons laid themselves bare in the hunt for love.

One couple that caught the eye were Dubliner Martin and Polish-born Izabela who seemed to be getting quite well if this guessing game was anything to go by…

The craic continued later on as the pair discussed places they like to go out for dinner. It’s always a good sign when you feel comfortable enough to take the piss out of your date and Izabela did just that when she said “I don’t know if you do (go out for dinner) because you’re from Finglas”.

Luckily, Martin couldn’t have taken the slagging any better as you can see in the below clip…

Sure, ’tis all in good fun. For Izabela’s sake, let’s hope there weren’t too many sensitive folks watching in Finglas last night. If Martin’s reaction is anything to go by, she won’t have much to worry about.

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