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23rd Apr 2020

You can take part in a 25th anniversary Father Ted quiz this weekend

Sarah Finnan

Father Ted quiz

We all know there’s something to be said for another mass, but what about another quiz?

There’s definitely much to be said for a good old fashioned quiz these days, especially if it’s Father Ted related. All we seem to be doing is quizzing, Netflixing and eating – no complaints though, it’s a simple but happy life.

Hosted by none other than Joe Rooney, Father Damo himself, the Father Ted quiz is in honour of the series’ 25th anniversary which fell during the week.

Arguably one of the most underrated characters of the series (he made the top three on our list), Father Damo can only be described as a rebellious teenager – moody in every sense of the word, he leads an impressionable Dougal down quite a troublesome path.

Featuring in the episode The Old Grey Whistle Theft, Damo stands as one of the most memorable characters. As for his best lines? There are several, his most iconic being: “Here, which one do you prefer… Oasis or Blur?” Best believe that one’s appearing on the quiz.

Taking place this Saturday, Father Ted fanatics can join the quiz from the comfort of their own homes – competing for the chance to take the (metaphorical) crown.

Tickets cost three bob and can be gotten here.

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