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A Cute Little Café Has Just Opened On Clanbrassil Street – Here’s The Deets

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If there’s one thing I adore, it’s those cute, simple cafés you’d walk right by without even noticing, but when you discover them they become your go-to for your morning coffee. You develop a bit of a connection with them, – You know the barista by name and they know your order. (The best kind of friendship)

If you’re passing Clanbrassil Street on your daily commute, then you have to try out newly opened café, Clanbrassil Coffee Shop. It’s a small but mighty little place that offers some delish coffee, pastries and a varied lunch menu.



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The café is located directly on the main street and the seating area, though limited, is the ideal place to perch yourself and watch the world go by while you nurse that coffee you ordered.

If you’re a coffee addict like myself, you’ll be happy to know that they serve 3FE.

Daily coffee fix – Sorted.

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The lunch menu offers mostly sambos and salads. I opted for the Kimchi Cheese Toasty, which made of all my pickled cheese dreams come true. I’d rarely finish an entire sandwich and I found myself picking the crumbs off my plate after this one.

Nothing beats a good cheese toasty in my books and this one was a winner.

The café also prepare freshly baked goods each morning including a delectable Paris Brest. If you’ve never heard of these (how have you lived) they are a nutty take on an éclair. It’s kind of like the inside of a Kinder Bueno on a sweet, crunchy pastry topped with icing sugar and almonds a.k.a heaven.

No but seriously, you need to try one of these…



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This cute spot is definitely one to check out whether you’re just grabbing a quick coffee to go or you want to sit and have a hearty lunch.

For such a small place it’s got a lot of character and we are sure that our first visit won’t be our last.

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