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20th Dec 2016

Here’s Where You’ll Find A Slice Of Tranquility And Class In Dublin Airport


Let’s be honest and say that travelling by air really isn’t the most fun pastime in the entire world. Necessity forces us to spend time in airports, but the sooner we invent teleportation the better. 

There are a few exceptions though, and I found one in Dublin Airport in the form of a brand new lounge for those heading to America: 51st And Green

Available for anybody heading stateside with a business class ticket, other travellers can also access the area for a €39 once-off fee.

Dap 51St Dn9A9259 Hires
Dap 51St Dsc5803 Hires

I spend a lot of time travelling, and one habit I’ve picked up over the years is to pay to get into a lounge anytime I’ve more than a couple of hours to wait for take off. 

€39 might sound steep at first, but when you think of the airport food, drinks, newspapers and shopping you inevitably do while waiting, it actually works out to be quite reasonable. 

This is because once inside the lounge you’ve unlimited food and drinks, unlimited alcohol, and you even have your own barista to make you the finest coffees (one gentleman beside me was enjoying an Irish coffee while waiting for his flight). 

At 51st And Green you feel like you’re on the actual runway as you sit by the window watching the planes pass by as they prepare for take off. You could read the complimentary newspapers or jump on the free wi-fi, but I found far more entertainment in being so up close and personal to the planes. 

Screen Shot 2016 09 07 At 21 18 12
Screen Shot 2016 09 07 At 21 18 03
Dap 51St Dsc6796 Hires

The place takes inspiration from Newgrange, with a huge white corridor allowing light to filter through just as it does on the winter solstice at the Meath monument.

It’s bright and airy and makes you forget that you’re in an actual airport. Little touches like access to high-powered showers and personal service make it feel more like a hotel than an airport lounge. 

Be warned though: the lounge is located after US border control pre-clearance, so you’ll need to arrive nice and early if you want to make the most of it. 

During my brief time there I noticed that the American travellers around me all seemed to be lapping up the last of the uniquely Irish hospitality, and I have to say this addition to Dublin Airport is a welcome one. 

Screen Shot 2016 09 07 At 21 18 26
Screen Shot 2016 09 07 At 21 18 19

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