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03rd Feb 2018

Bored? Take A Stroll Through The Most Relaxing And Beautiful Place In Dublin


A crisp day like this is the perfect day for a walk and we’ve got just the place for you: Glasnevin.

If you’ve surprisingly never been, it’s home to two of Dublin’s big attractions. The National Botanical Gardens is known for it’s magnificent grounds sprouting over 300 endangered species of stunning flowers, trees and other plants.

It is easily one of the most stunning and magical places in Dublin – the perfect place to chill and relax on a Saturday.

Of course, when you think of Glasnevin your first thought is of its famous cemetery. While we usually associate graveyards with grief, misery and sorrow, the beautiful Glasnevin Cemetery is none of those things as it proudly houses many of the graves of the Irish men and women who shaped our history as a country.

You can also do tours here which are known as one of Dublin’s top tourist attractions thanks to its expert guides. You can even trace back your ancestors buried in the cemetery using their genealogy search. This is definitely something worth doing if you want to explore the city’s history further.

If all that exploration makes you work up an appetite and a thirst, Fagan’s cosy pub on Lower Drumcondra Road is just a hop, skip and jump away for a warming drink and proper carvery feed.

Scroll on to view photographer Derek Kennedy‘s photo series of the area…

MG 6405
MG 6409
MG 6411
MG 6414
MG 6419
MG 6427
MG 6434
MG 6441
MG 6448
MG 6451
MG 6459
MG 6473
MG 6476
MG 6478
MG 6479
MG 6480
MG 6481
MG 6483
MG 6494
MG 6499
MG 6504
MG 6507
MG 6513
MG 6517
MG 6519
MG 6521
MG 6524
MG 6526
MG 6529
MG 6530
MG 6533
MG 6539
MG 6542
MG 6546

Header image: @gracejorden on Instagram

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