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20th Dec 2016

Lovin Dublin City Spotlight – Blackrock


This week we decided to profile Blackrock for our city spotlight, it’s a part of Dublin we love because despite being a short drive from town it really does feel relaxed and removed from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

The Blackrock Market is always worth checking out for finding all sorts of treasures and curios, but to be honest… The main reason we head to Blackrock is to pick up a bag of the best fish and chips in Dublin from The Fish Shop. Nothing beats picking up a coffee from Bear Coffee and going for a walk through the park along the sea to work up an appetite for some fish and chips!

Photographer Derek Kennedy shot our favourite spots in Blackrock below, have a look at the pics and see if you recognise any of your usual haunts…

MG 9125
MG 9123
MG 9121
MG 9119
MG 9143
MG 9139
MG 9135
MG 9133
MG 9130
MG 9153
MG 9152
MG 9150
MG 9148
MG 9147
MG 9146
MG 9174
MG 9172
MG 9170
MG 9169
MG 9168
MG 9164
MG 9158
MG 9155
MG 9203
MG 9198
MG 9196
MG 9195
MG 9191
MG 9184
MG 9180
MG 9178
MG 9177
MG 9251
MG 9242
MG 9239
MG 9226
MG 9222
MG 9219
MG 9215
MG 9210

If we left out any of your favourite spots in Blackrock let us know in the comment below, it’s always a great way for us to discover some new places!