The 'Dublin Pug Club' Looks Like Heaven For Local Dog Lovers

Who needs pub crawls when you've got PUG crawls?

Pug Club

Considering you clicked on an article about pugs, you're probably something of a dog lover. If so, then we have just the club for you.

The Dublin Pug Club has existed for years now and its purpose is simple: owners and lovers of pugs meet once a month for "walks and talks and photo ops in Dublin parks, beaches and streets".

Why should you tag along, you ask? Well, to see pugs doing their thing. Such as...

Making bold fashion statements

Pug Fashion

Forming life-long dog friendships

Pug Friends

And just being adorable in general

Pug Cute

It's all just so pure.

The Dublin Pug Club meets on the third Sunday of every month at 1.30pm and the location will be announced on their Facebook page.

Know anybody who'd be up for this?

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