These 18 'Ghost Signs' Beautifully Capture The Spirit Of Dublin Past

History is hiding in plain sight...

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You may not have realised it, but Dublin's ghosts are all around us. Well, its ghost signs at least (its actual ghosts are another story entirely).

If you're unfamiliar with the term, a ghost sign is a simply an old-fashioned advertisement that has been preserved on a building for a long time, either out of a sense of nostalgia or simple indifference.

You stroll by these signs every day. They pass overhead. Sometimes you trample on them. You'll find them in various forms, such as mosaics, faded posters, or weather-worn stonework. If you're looking out for them, they're really not that hard to find.

Luckily Dublin Ghost Signs has been cataloguing these historical fragments on Twitter and Instagram to make things a little easier for you. Here are some of our favourite examples from around the city.

The Sick And Indigent Roomkeepers Society

J&G Campbell


Homemade Bread

Crooke & Co.

The Players Lounge

Royal Exchange Hotel

Exide Batteries

To His Excellency The Lord Lieutenant

Cadbury's ad


Fanta ad


City Of Dublin Steam Packet Company




Horse & Pigeon Feed

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