This 'Sensual' Club For Men And Women Has Just Opened On Baggot Street

This will surely arouse... your interest

Nipple Xs

Here's a new stomping ground for all the highly sexual beings out there: 127 Baggot Street.

The freshly opened club, which is less than a month old, is what's known as a 'hybrid', combining club culture and 'sensual entertainment' for both men and women.  

The Baggot Street spot sells itself as a relaxed and stylish venue where you can enjoy DJs and events all week long. 

How does it get sensual, you ask? That'd be from all the scantily clad dancers giving it socks for the clientele.

They're also serving cocktails including 'world-class' whiskeys, gin, and liquors, but you stopped reading at scantily clad dancers.

Baggot 1
Baggot 2
Baggot 3
Baggot 4
Baggot 5

Now we know what you're thinking: this is a strip club. But as their Facebook page clearly states,

We are also a strip club for the most discerning of rogues and rascals.

Oh right, I guess it is a strip club.

You'll find 127 Baggot Street at, well, 127 Baggot Street. That reminds us, we must book the office Christmas party...

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