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20th Dec 2016

The 10 best things spotted On #Lovindublin this week


We love finding and sharing the best things in Dublin with you here on the blog but we also encourage you guys to take photos with #lovindublin on either Twitter or Instagram. The standard seems to get better every single week and just firing up the Hashtag has us drooling and loving the city we live in. Here are the top 10 things we have spotted you guys sharing this week.

10th.Mad Man?

The caption on this photos says that the gent was on the way home from the Wright venue and wanted a dip. Risky after booze or a good way to freshen up?

9th.Big Macaroon

Peruke have started to cook some amazing food and this is a seriously cool take on the traditional macaroon. Bigger is better


It was great to see how many restaurants and pubs were getting involved this week with pride and this is a super example from Dakota promoting a special dish for the event.

7th.Simple Brekkie

It really can be tough eating healthy at breakfast time but as this photo shows it can also be delicious if you seek out the right options!

6th.Huge Burger

The Butcher Grill is all about the meat so when they put a burger on the menu you can’t be surprised that it looks like this.


We feature lots of great street art here on the site and this example shows the constantly changing nature of our wonderful streets.

4th.Rock Star

Now some people get freaked out when they see dead animals but the fact is that is where our food comes from. You can’t help but smile at this.

3rd.Super New Brunch

We’ve always been big fans of 3Fe and we didn’t think things could get much better until we saw this picture of their new brunch. Holy shitballs

2nd.Ferris Wheel

The pictures coming in from the fair are outstanding but it is going to take something special to top this one from the top of the ferris wheel.

1st.Woollen Mills

What we love most about this feature is that even we discover loads of new things in our city. This is an example of it. An amazing new restaurant down on the quays that we will review this week. Mega looking food.

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