10 Perfect Places To Bring Your Mammy For Brunch On Mother's Day

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So you want to bring your mammy somewhere nice to eat on Mother's Day, but you're not too sure where.

You probably don't want to be taking her somewhere where she can't hear herself think, doesn't like the cut of that shifty-lookin' waiter, or deems the menu to have more notions than food. 

In no particular order, here are 10 thoroughly mammy-friendly spots in the capital for Mother's Day...

10. Avoca

classic name in Dublin restaurant circles and a very reliable spot to go for some brunch. The abundance of shopping opportunities will go down a treat with the mother too.

Avoca 1

9. 37 Dawson Street

You might be more used to dancing the night away in this late bar but don't let that make you think it's not mother friendly, they're super fast at turning the tables and getting the place cleaned up for an amazing brunch menu. 

Dawson Street

8. The Bailey

Easily one of the best locations in Dublin to sit outside, dine and watch the world go by. A great spot to enjoy a fine meal, people watch and open up a memorable conversation.


7. The Exchequer 

This gastropub loves serving up great big hunks of meat, and if you're well enough organised you can order a roast beef in advance for four or a roast chicken for two, although you do have to place your order on a Friday. Luckily the rest of the menu is pretty epic too.

The Exchequer

6. Pichet

A brilliant city centre restaurant to go if you're feeling a little flash with the cash. Bringing your mammy for a sophisticated French meal like this will go a long way to convincing her you've got your shit together and have essentially become a viable human being.


5. Roly's Bistro

With over two decades of experience in doing it right, this Ballsbridge establishment offers a quality dining experience at any time of the day. Herbert Park is a lovely nearby feature too.

Rolys 1

4. The House, Howth

With the pier and Howth Hill nearby, going here for brunch sets you up for an incredible day out. Bringing your mammy to The House is a great way to show appreciation for all those 99s and Beshoff's chips out here over the years.

The House

3. The Mayfield, Terenure

Homey yet elegant – a perfectly fitting setting to treat your mammy to a special meal. This is an ideal out of town spot to head to for a superb brunch.

Mayfield Terenure 2

2. Peploe's

This restaurant has a beautiful Parisian feel to it. In addition to it's lovely decor, Peploe's scores so high on this list because of their attractive set lunch menu options, so you can treat you mum to a fantastic meal within a very reasonable price range.


1. Dillinger's

While the brunch menu itself is pretty epic here, you only come here at the weekend for one item, and that's the super nachos. Perfect for sharing with the lady that gave you life.


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Evan Musgrave