13 Perfect Secret Santa Gifts That You Can Pick Up For Less Than €15

Your piggy bank is safe

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Did you manage to pick the only person in the office you don't know, and now you're panicking? Us too! 

And so has everyone.

But, never fear – here are 13 gifts you can buy that even the office grump will love.

1. These two from Tiger 

For those of you who haven't heard of Tiger (where have you been hiding?) it's basically a city centre Ikea and can be descried as both 'cheap and cheerful' and 'weird and wonderful'. Kris Kindle heaven. 

You're guaranteed at least two, if not three, items for under a tenner.

So how about this Russian Roulette shot glass AND this Santa head basket game? One for when office work gets too much, and one to celebrate when you kill it in work. Sorted.

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2. This mug from Urban Outfitters 

For the days when work is total shite.

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3. This Christmas haul from Penneys

For the office Grinch who needs to step out of their lair.

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4. These treats from The Body Shop

Lads, have you gotten a girl you barely know in the office Kris Kindle and you haven't a notion of what to get her?

Stroll down to The Body Shop and pick up either a lip balm, a hand salve or a body butter. They smell incredible, won't set you back more than €10, won't be taken as a hint (like soap or shower gel would be) and you'll be surrounded by sweet scents in work come the new year. Winning.

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5. The new Ross O'Carroll-Kelly book from Easons 

Guaranteed to either give them a laugh, or give them a top-quality present to re-gift... 

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6. Dust Mop Slippers 

For the office messer, literally. 

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Pic: findmeagift.com

7. The pocket pint

Advertised as 'the modern etiquette for the man about town', this collapsible pint glass is the handy little contraption that allows anyone to have their favourite beverage anywhere in a pop-able instant. 

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Pic: prezzybox.com

8. Craft Beers from Drinkstore 

For the trendy craft beer lover in your office.

Drinkstore is a whopper off licence in Smithfield which boasts craft beers from all over the world. We recommend picking up maybe a Lagunita, priced at €3.20, along with a Spaten or two, priced at a very reasonable €2.50.

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9. Chocolate from Bean & Goose 

Bean & Goose is made up of two sisters who know their way around a kitchen.

They've set up shop in several markets around the city and their best-selling chocolate bar and truffle packages are €12, and totally worth it. 

Bean And  Goose  Truffles

10. Engraved Christmas Tree Decorations from gifts.ie

For the sappy Christmas elves of the office who love this time of year so much that they just might explode. 

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Pic: gifts.ie

11. Play-Doh from Argos

At a mere €1.89 a piece, a selection of tubs will make the big-kid in your office's whole month. And if you're lucky, they'll ask you to play too.

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Pic: argos.ie

12. Macaroons from Cocoa Atelier

For the glam bitch in your life.

Gift boxes are prices at: a box of 4 for €7, and a box of 8 for €14. 

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13. And finally, the Dublin Daily Calendar 

A calendar comprised of beautiful shots of the city, available in The Dublin Simon Community Shops, Thomas Street and Camden Street, The Woolen Mills Restaurant, Lower Ormond Quay, Sahaira, Fairview Strand, Abner Browns, Rathmines and 147 Deli, Capel St.

€11.99 and proceeds go to the Dublin Simon Community. Ideal. 

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