11 Reasons This Year's Panto Will Be Loved By Kids And Parents Alike

You might be surprised at how fun it actually is...


Pantos and Christmas go hand in hand.  

Like many, I was never really into the idea of pantos, but recently I got converted to the phenomenon with a visit to the Gaiety to see this year's Little Red Riding Hood

And it's not me who was taken by this particular show, as it's just been extended until January 24 due to popular demand.  

This really is no ordinary panto and here's why.

1. Granny McGregor

Played by the legendary Joe Conlon, who's 26 years in the industry, the actor wows the audience in the opening number.

Lrpd 0053

2. The Enchanting Red Riding Hood

Girls want to be her, guys want to have a drink with her.

Lrpd 0333

3. The Porkdashians

They are the image of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney. But they're, you know, pigs.

Lrpd 0139

4. The Eco-Friendly Woodsman

A handsome lad with a voice. Played by Shane McDaid.

Lrpd 0264

5. The Big Bad Wolf

Rogues don't come much more lovable than this. 

Lrpd 0242

6. The Dance Offs

There's a bit of a rap and dance off for the cool kids.

Lrpd 0322

7. That Stage

Technology has kicked in at the panto, now stages are slick.

Lrpd 0118

9. Acrobatic Puss-In-Boots

Mad flippin' cat.

Lrpd 0123

10, The Three Bears

The kid plays a stormer with stage school ambitions.

Lrpd 0596

11.  The Wolf Cubs

Mean and small.

Lrpd 0963

Little Red Riding Hood is now running at the Gaiety Theatre until January 24, 2016. Tickets are priced from €19.50 including booking fee and are on sale now from Ticketmaster and the Gaiety Theatre Box Office.

This is not a paid for article, but in the interest of disclosure my ticket was free.  

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Written By

Graham Kinsella