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20th Dec 2016

11 Reasons Why You Definitely Shouldn’t Have A BBQ Tonight


Typical. The sun comes out, and so too do the notions of the Irish people – thinking that a barbecue is a respectable, acceptable thing to crack out on a fine June evening such as this.

Well here at Lovin Dublin we say ‘down with that sort of thing’.

So, just in case you’re being bugged or pressured by someone to actually go out and try make the ‘most’ of that ‘weather’, here are 11 reasons why you should steer well clear.

1. It’s definitely going to rain. Any minute now.

Look at all those clouds waiting to attack from Wexford.


2. Why tonight? Sure it’s sunny in Dublin most nights

shutterstock 7316650

3. Burgers neither taste nor look their best when they’re done on the barbecue

My mouth isn’t even watering right now. Not one bit.

shutterstock 189533669

4. There are no vegetarian options

shutterstock 137268974

5. In fact, outside of burgers there are hardly any options

shutterstock 141579169

6. It’ll be dark before you know it

No stretch this year. None.

IMG 6449

7. There’s no warmth in that sun

shutterstock 154165484

8. It’s impossible to think of decent food combinations

Unless you click here.

shutterstock 229893073 1

9. Cold beer on a warm evening? Ew


10. Sure you’re better off just pulling something out of the freezer

shutterstock 125030741

11. Anyway. Like I said. It’s definitely going to rain any second now.

shutterstock 159102473

If the reasons above don’t cut any mustard with you – or any condiment for that matter – then you may just like what we have planned on July 4.

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