The 12 Funniest Irish Tweets Of The Week

''Had a stress dream that @thehappypear forced me to go for a swim in the freezing sea and I was like oh hell no, and they were like Get. In.''

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You guys knock it out of the park every week in terms of Twitter. 

And for that, we are eternally grateful. 

Just take a look at this week's instalment, to see what we're talking about...

Take a bow, ya good things. 

1. Real talk

2. Familiarity


4. The trials and tribulations of Grafton Street

5. Can't say we haven't dreamed about it...

6. #fashion

7. Grab hope by the balls

8. When worlds collide

9. War of the worlds

10. The education system

11. Public transport lyf

12. And finally, our current situation

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Kate Demolder

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