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05th Sep 2017

12 Reasons Why Autumn Is The Best Season Of All – And You Never Even Realised It


Here it is yet again: autumn. 

It’s time to accept that summer has finally passed, and we’re heading into the multicoloured bowels of fallen foliage season. But hey. That’s not such a bad thing.

Know why?

1. Because warm, comfy clothes

Surely – surely – the main benefit of these slightly cooler months is the ambiguity and shameless comfort of our big, baggy outfits.

Is this a man’s jumper? Maybe. Are my PJs on underneath? Who knows.

2 1

2. Because bikini season is finally over

Can I get an AMEN?

Praise God

3. Because rugby

Yes, we are back onto the glorious schedule of the foreign game. And for those of us who don’t care? Pints! Lots of excuses for pints!

7 2

4. Because Halloween

Definitely the most underrated holiday of the year. Between free sweets, dodgy costumes and an excuse for a good old fashioned gaff party, you can’t go wrong.

5 1

5. Because blankets (electric or otherwise)

Because being cosy is better than being sexy.

6 1

6. Because it’s not too warm to drink a Guinness

You can’t drink that during summer… sure you’ll overheat!

Cold weather is truly necessary to compliment the Black Stuff.


7. Because clocks go back

Bed. Bed. Bed. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

The best Sunday of the year.

8 1

8. Because comfort food

This is like the training period, where you hone your skills before the Comfort Food Olympics that are Christmas.

9 1

9. Because telly

X Factor, Strictly, Grey’s… and there’s some good stuff on too. 

Whatever your poison, it’s back on the box – and it’s far more socially acceptable to watch when the sun isn’t shining.

10 1

10. Because hot drinks

With the weather getting colder, comes the excuse for hot chocolate… or hot whiskey… or both.


11. Because takeaways

It’s official, we are back in takeaway country my friends. Go forth and order.


12. Because going out

What’s the point in it getting dark an hour earlier if you’re not going to be in the pub an hour earlier?

13 1

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