13 Of Our Favourite Photos From The Past Week On #lovindublin

These are just ACE


Every week, you guys throw up an incredible selection of your shots of the city.

Whether it's the sweeping landscapes, or a focus on the finer details, it never fails to amaze us. And so, we've worked our way through the lot and chosen 13 of our favourites to share with our readers.

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1. A new perspective: the Spire seen from inside the GPO

A photo posted by Fin Farrell (@finfarrell) on

2. Shepherd's delight

3. Grand Canal Dock coming to life

4. Colours in Chapelizod

A photo posted by Alan (@alandub10) on

5. The now-famous Zozimus umbrellas – seen from above...

6. ... and below

7. A view from afar

8. Having the quack

9. In flight

A photo posted by Mark Lambert (@lamboz) on

10. Surfing the net

A photo posted by Lorenza (@lorenza_r) on

11. The pristine Pepper Canister

A photo posted by Mark Guinee (@dublinscenes) on

12. Almost blue

13. And glowing in glory

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Aidan Coughlan