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08th Mar 2019

14 Glorious Sights That All Dubliners Absolutely Love


We all know that Dublin is a very scenic place, chock full of lots of lovely tourists sites to look at and bask in their glory.

But it’s also home to some sights that aren’t there every day, and if you so happen to witness one, you count your lucky stars that you were present for such beauty.

If you’ve seen any of these sights, then you’ll know what I’m talking about:

1. An empty Luas

Picture it; you’re standing in the rain and you’ve been waiting 10 minutes for your Luas home. It finally arrives, and lo and behold, it’s empty. Bliss.

Shutterstock 506423740

2. A restocked Deli counter

Ah, the choices. Roll or wrap? Plain or spicy? Butter or Mayo?

Shutterstock 170054906

3. A busy barge

When the sun shines, there’s no where else you’d rather be. When we’re looking after the area, that is.

4. A sunset over the Liffey

It makes the walk home from work that bit easier when you have a view like that.

5. The Brown Thomas Christmas window

When the usually ridiculously lavish window displays arrive, that means Christmas has arrived.

6. Spaces on Dublin Bike racks

The relief when you know you can drop off your bike, and not have to wander around looking for a spot.

Shutterstock 236764057

7. A quiet Boojum

You can order your burrito and eat it in peace. A rare treat, that.

8. A heated smoking area

Necessary for an outdoor drinking sesh, even a casual one. Our favourite? The Long Stone.

The Long Stone

9. Tourists wandering around confused

To be fair we only enjoy this for a second, before it gets intensely infuriating.

Shutterstock 204937921

10. “2 for 1” signs

Dublin can be expensive at time, so these signs are a treat. For ANYTHING. A personal favourite is Pygmalion’s version. Pornstar Martinis FTW.

11. No queues outside Bunsen

Perhaps the rarest sight of all.

12. A Penneys sale

As if our all-time favourite shop could get even better (read: cheaper), when we see those signs in the windows, our purse and our hearts go a-flutter.

13. People slipping on ice

It’s all fun and games until you get on RTÉ slipping and become a nation-wide memory.

14. Landing at Dublin airport

But when it comes down to it, our favourite sight is our fair city after having been away. There’s nothing like landing back in Dublin town.