13 Things That Mildly Thrill Only Trinity Students

Trinny <3

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As Samuel Beckett put it, Trinity is for “the cream of Ireland, rich and thick”, and whether you believe that or not, Trinity students are certainly different.

In a university that resembles Hogwarts more than Trinity College Dublin at times, there are umpteen secrets and injokes about it that students revel in knowing.

So, whether you're still there whiling away the hours on Facebook on Ussher 3, or out in the big bad world with a degree plastered on the wall - here are a number of things you'll seriously appreciate having studied there...

1. Bypassing a particularly awkward group of American tourists with ease

And without acquiring a freak fanny-pack injury.

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2. Any mention of Crawdaddy and/or Tripod, ever


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3. Checking out the Trinity Ball line up each year, despite how old you are

Memories of naggins past. 

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4. Spotting Trinny

The Trinity Cat.

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Photo cred: www.universitytimes.com

5. Feeling better about yourself by walking through the Hamilton

At least life isn't that bad.


Photo cred: www.tcd.ie

6. The stride of enthusiasm down the long path towards the Pav

Excited by the endless possibilities of the night ahead.

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7. The outrageous clobber spotted on campus

Who let them out like that?

8. Being able to walk under the Campanile after graduating because you never have to do an exam again


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9. How gas Trinity College Catering are on social media

Not only do they provide food, but they also provide laughter too.

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10. The Arts Block smoking area being basically the centre of everything

A valid meeting spot whether you're a student or an OAP.

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11. That repeats are free, thus rendering them freepeats

Or keypeats.

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12. Being able to skip the ridiculous queue to the Book of Kells

All you need is your Trinity student card, to then swan in with a friend for freebs.

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Photo cred: www.wanderlustful3.wordspot.com

13. Playing five-a-side in Botany Bay

Sure, you may even pick up another weirdo to play with you en route!

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