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17 Unmistakeable Signs You Were A Celtic Tiger Cub

By katedemolder

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Ah, the Celtic Tiger.

However much of a mess it caused, we will always look back fondly on those decadent days of yore. The days of Super Sweet 16s, three cars in the driveway, and €80 birthday cakes will forever remain in our hearts. 

If, like so many of us, you grew up in this unadulterated madness, you will have certainly experienced some of the refined chaos we have listed below. 

1. You went to pony camp

And, as a result, called horses 'ponies'.


2. You knew what a croque-monsieur was before the age of 15

And often had them for 'supper'.

Shutterstock 287980880

3. Brie was your cheese of choice


4. You hadn't a clue that electricity had to be paid for

You thought it just... was.


5. You collected Sabrina's Secrets

Same price as Vogue, at one stage.


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6. Immersion was never a word that entered your tiny, coiffed head

Literally, making it rain.


7. Lists to Santa took up an A4 refill pad

Which eventually you gave up on and attempted to just send the whole Argos catalogue in an envelope. 

200 3

8. Joining a gym at 16 was both necessity and God-given right 


9. You were carted off to your First Holy Communion in a helicopter

Sure, how else would you get full wear out of your outfit?

200 4

10. Dubarry's of every colour flooded your wardrobe

And a new pair joined them every year. 

New AssetFile

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11. You were taken to Lapland to visit Santa

And everyone in your class considered egging you for it.


12. Your birthday party was in Disneyland

No big deal. 

200 5

13. Your uniform was bought new every year

None of this hand-me-down rubbish. 

200 7

14. Pokemon cards wallpapered your room

200 8

15. You felt a little hard done by when you were presented your second favourite dinner

Second? What?!

200 9

16. Marks and Spencers feeling like home

You walked those aisles as if they were your own.

200 10

17. And finally, bossing some overpaid teenager around your gaff as they minded you unwillingly

Including telling them you were definitely allowed sweets for dinner, that TV was encouraged, never ignored, and that if they breathe too hard you'll tell your mum not to pay them.

200 11

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