17 Songs That Will Take You Right Back If You Did Your Leaving Cert In 2011

14. LMFAO Lauren Bennett & Goonrock – 'Party Rock Anthem'

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The Leaving Certificate is the pinnacle of every Irish teenager's life. 

Whether it's because you're dying to leave secondary school or absolutely struggling with maths, you're going to remember it forever. 

But with study comes procrastination and while you're knee deep in the Tuiseal Ginideach, your senses tend to be heightened to the music of the outside world too. See if any of these classic tunes ring any bells...

1. Jedward – 'Lipstick'

Their first stint in the Eurovision song contest.

Yes, they did represent us twice.

2. Adele – 'Rolling In The Deep'

The first of her songs we stuck our teeth into.

3. Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull – 'On The Floor'

4. LMFAO Lauren Bennett & Goonrock – 'Party Rock Anthem'

5. Snoop Dogg feat. David Guetta – 'Wet'

Thankfully changed to the much more appropriate 'Sweat' for club and radio use.

6. Chris Brown & Benny Benassi – 'Beautiful People'

To be played incessantly in the prime holiday destination of that year, Magaluf.

7. Damo & Ivor – 'Everybody's Drinkin''

A fine time for Irish subcultures.

8. Jason Derulo – 'Don't Wanna Go Home'

9. Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer – 'Give Me Everything'

Where Pitbull solidified his song-writing presence in the industry by rhyming 'Kodak' to 'Kodak'.

10. Calvin Harris – 'Bounce'


11. Rebecca Black – 'Friday'

AKA the worst song to ever exist.

12. Black-Eyed Peas – 'Don't Stop The Party'

The song played loudest and most often at every mental post-Leaving Cert sesh.

13. Buzzin – 'Mann'

14. Bruno Mars – 'The Lazy Song'

Played on repeat after you finished, obv.

15. David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida – 'Where Them Girls At'

16. Mr. Saxobeat – 'Alexandra Stan'

Kicking off the sax-ual revolution in music.

17. And finally, Save The World – 'Swedish House Mafia'

Screeched at the top of our lungs in nightclubs around the country for all to hear.

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