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17 Tinder Exchanges That Will Prove Romance Is Dead, Love Is Not Real, And All Is Lost

By aidan

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Yup. You read the headline right. 

Love is not real. All hope is lost. Romance is dead. Humanity is at an end. Positivity is null. Our collective future as a species is doomed.

Our foray into civilisation is at an end. 

The @tindernightmares Instagram account said so.

Just look...

1. This one with Anthony, who's been doing Easter all wrong

2. This chat with Nick, who at least has a sense of danger and excitement

3. This one with Ryan, who plays the long game and plays it really badly

4. This conversation that looked like it was going well until humanity interjected

5. This one where autocorrect got in the way

6. This one where honesty wasn't the best policy

7. And this one where honesty was an even worse policy

8. This exchange with Ron, who probably describes himself as a 'nice guy'

9. And this one that's almost definitely with the same Ron

10. This one where Krystal simply couldn't deal with the deafening silence

11. This one where, looking back, you can kinda see what Pete was up to all along

12. This one from Brandon, the master strategist

13. This one from Mike, who's been taking lessons from Brandon

14. This one with Josh, who will argue that he was being practical

15. This one that demonstrates a frightening lack of biological understanding

16. This one with Michael, who just doesn't know what he wants from this relationship

17. And finally, this collision of two awful people that will leave you devoid of all hope for our future

It's over, people...


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