21 Assumptions We All Made About Dublin Before We Actually Moved Here

The Big Shmoke really ain't all that big

Father Ted

Moving to Dublin is a rite of passage, a coming of age, a big adventure and perhaps one of the most significant moves you'll ever make in life. 

Goodbye mammy.

Whether you moved here for college, work or just to GTFO of the bog, there were surely assumptions you had about our fair city before making the big move. 

Here they are...

1. That UCD and Trinity were beside each other

If they're both on the Southside surely that means walking distance? No?

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2. That the Luas only went from Stephen's Green to Dundrum to The Point, and back

The fact that there are actually TWO lines shocked many of us to the core.

And I still don't even know where Saggart is... 

3. That drugs would be everywhere

There would, undoubtedly, be cocaine shops open in full view of the blasé city cops. 


4. That you wouldn't be able to take your phone out in public

Because someone would rob it right off you the second you took it out of your bag.

5. That you'd see famous people everywhere, all the time

Or even just Louis Walsh.


From a distance.

Nope. Not even that.

6. That Carrigstown existed for real

Heading out to check out where Fair City is filmed is the idealllll day trip! Except that it's NOT EVEN REAL.

I feel like my whole life has been a lie. 

7. That it would be the fashion capital of Ireland (or the world)

And that's just because the D4 girls you went to the Gaeltacht with wore Uggs and velour Juicy Couture tracksuits that you didn't stand a fucking chance against.

8. That Grafton Street was a mecca of the performing arts

Instead, it's some guy making sand sculptures of a dog.


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9. That the Wi-Fi would be better

It's shite. Everywhere.

You'd do anything for a bitta signal. Anything.

10. That it wouldn't be so damn expensive

Which seemed a bit deluded, in retrospect.

11. That everyone in Trinity would basically be Oscar Wilde

They're just like the rest of us! Except that they'll tell you they go to Trinity...

12. That the public transport would be ace


13. That Coppers was the only club in Dublin

Of course, some outsiders still labour under that impression...

14. That the South and North liked each other

In reality, we're just counting down the days until all-out warfare commences.

15. That you would be considered an equal

Instead of a culchie.

Father Ted

16. That potatoes didn't exist here

I *may* have brought my own, okay?


Whatever. Shut up.

17. That there was no other scene than the Irish pub scene

When really there are multiple. The coffee scene. The juice scene. The coconut water scene. The craft beer and cocktail scene. 

Bevs for everyone!

19. That Clerys was the be all and end all of shopping

And now look.

18. And that the deer of Phoenix Park were a myth

And holy fuck, the first time we saw them was simply majestic.

Though we all assume different things, I think there's one thing we can all agree on: Dublin exceeded all of our expectations and it's feckin' unreal.

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Alana Laverty

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