21 Things You Should Do If You're Staying In This Friday Night

The ultimate guide

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It's been a long week and chances are, all you want to do is stay home.

The will to go on a rager might be there but more often than not, the stamina just isn't.

That doesn't mean your Friday night has to be boring though, as there's many fabulously lazy and satisfyingly productive things that you could be doing.

Here are a few...

21. Rewatch every series of Gilmore Girls before it returns

Team Jess, FYI.

20. Skype one of your mates who lives abroad

Been meaning to do this for 12,000 years? Yep, us too.

19. Order your first Spice Bag

Or your 50th. You do you.

18. Do your eyebrows

But only if you're totally sober. We've made that mistake before.

17. Cry over Leonard Cohen's death while watching I'm Your Man

A gentleman and a scholar.

16. Change your sheets


15. Have a bath and exfoliate your entire body

Few candles, bottle of Radox - happy days.

14. Buy a selection box and eat the entire thing

It's almost December, in fairness.

13. Start shopping your Christmas presents online

More time for festive catch-ups come December.

12. Catch up on Planet Earth 2

Or this version by Snoog Dogg.

11. Treat yourself to a delish bottle of wine

Go on, pay over a tenner. Just this once.

10. Read a book. Like, a real made-of-paper book

An hour without a screen in your face is like a spa treatment for your brain.

9. Put on a wash

Those dirty sheets won't clean themselves.

8. Boycott The Late Late Show

Everyone is at it. We hear The Graham Norton Show line-up is pretty decent.

7. Sign this petition to make Barack Obama an Irish citizen

He can go and run the service station in Moneygall.


6. Watch baby animals on YouTube

Especially red pandas.

5. Upload all your photos to the Cloud

The most boring task ever so you better get it out of the way.

4. Make a fort

Comfort FTW.

3. Test your knowledge on Sporacle

Maybe you're a secret genius.

2. Teach yourself how to use chopsticks

Important life skills.

1. Fuck all

The most rewarding activity of all!

Life Goes On Lebowski

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Written By

Marie Madden

Marie is Editor of The Lovin Group.Having entered the 'this place is too loud' phase of her life, she spends her weekends on a quest to find the perfect bottle of red wine and rates coleslaw as one of the great evils in the world.