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21 Things You'll Recognise If MSN Was Your Life Back In The Day

By katedemolder

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


If you were lucky enough to have owned a computer in the pre-teen stage of your childhood, then chances are you had an MSN messenger account in which you awkwardly flirted and quite intensely chatted with friends until the early hours each night.

If you didn't, you're lucky, you didn't embarrass yourself on the internet from an early age. If you did, then you have an acquired bunch of very niche memories from quite a tender part of your life. 

See if any of these ring any bells, g2g...

1. The ordeal it was to get your mum off the phone so you could dial up

Screeching at her for hours so you can sit idly on MSN until bedtime.

200 1

2. Changing your font and text colour maniacally each time you spoke to someone new

Only losers, and like twenty year olds keep the same font forever.

200 2

3. Speaking in abbreviations because WTFN (why the fuck not)

Wuu2, brb, g2g, cyl8r, jk, k.

200 3

4. Asking a friend if your sworn enemy is online because you swear they've blocked you

And being only raging you didn't block them first.

200 4

5. Listening to Windows Media Player so you can show everyone what you’re listening to

Which was usually Avril Lavigne or Panic! At The Disco.

All downloaded from Limewire, obviously.

200 5

6. Nudging someone who didn't reply

Terrifyingly needy.


7. Appearing offline to get the weirdo from your class to stop talking to you

It was the only way they'd learn.

200 7

8. And then being absolutely bulling when yer one you fancy signed in

Why is life so cruel? 

200 8

9. So you sign out and then sign back in again 


Just to give them a heads up that you're there.


200 10

10. Then wait 10 minutes until you strike up a conversation with them

You don't want to come across too interested, yanno?

200 11

11. Then if they don't reply, whip this one out of your back pocket

'Sorry, that was my friend’


200 S

12. Emoticons

Emojis before emojis were even conceived. 

And having to get your friend to send you them all when you got a new computer.

3 Wlm Techsurface


13. Changing your bio to a song lyric because you were really fucking sad

And you wanted everyone to know it.

200 1

14. Typing 'wb' at the end of every message

Because how on Earth would they know what to reply otherwise?


15. Lots of *~*~*~*~tHiS*~*~*~*~*

200 3

16. ån? †hîß

200 7

17. And even more ??????g ???? ????

Msn Weird Font Specimen


18. Asking someone their a/s/l

Illegal behaviour.

Also what were we planning on doing with this information? We were 12.

200 4

19. The excitement when you saw that someone was typing

And the agony that came when they stopped, with nothing to show for it.

200 5

20. Becoming drunk with power you got upon blocking someone 

For that was the only kind of drunk you were getting - you were 12.

200 6

21. And finally, trying to flirt via MSN games

Which never, ever, ever worked. Even when no one was on the phone.

200 8

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