23 Pictures Of Sunny Dublin That Will Make You Yearn To Be Outdoors


Most places look better in the sun – but in Dublin, perhaps because we get it so rarely, is a very special case.

There's something about this city that sparks into life when

1. Blue skies and a still Liffey? You can't bate it...

2. Sunshine: It doesn't just make humans smile

3. Silhouettes of the Poolbeg Chimneys


Photo: Laura English on Twitter

4. The leafy streets of Dublin 6


5. It's hard to imagine the river without the Beckett bridge

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6. "If you want to truly see a city, look up"

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7. And the Dodder, one of the city's unsung heroes


8. You've gotta love how the Spire glints in the sun

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9. Take us here immediately


Photo: Niall McGarry on Twitter

10. "If you want to truly see a city, look down"

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11. Along the banks of the Royal Canal

12. Bray, you're not in Dublin, but you sure are lookin' well...


13. Wait, take us here instead

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14. No, actually, here!

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15. A great day starts with a cracking morning


16. The brilliant bay

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17. And Dartmouth Square – another unsung city hero


18. Not to mention its neighbour, Ranelagh Gardens – an amazing spot to soak up rays away from the crowds


19. Walking these streets is rarely this enjoyable

20. It's hard to believe this area was derelict just over 10 years ago

21. And the views from the high-rises in Silicon Docks? Sure where would ye get it...

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22. And, of course, after a great day comes an epic sunset


23. So then... who's on for a drink?


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Written By

Aidan Coughlan