24 Absolutely Perfect Stocking Fillers You Can Get In Tiger

Because you secretly want all of these things yourself, and you know it

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Our love for Tiger has never been a secret, but it's during the Christmas season that the Danish answer to Dealz really shines.

The shop was made for stocking fillers, with quirky little bits and bobs for everyone – so here are 24 of the very best. 

1. A microscope

For the budding scientist in your life, or for the child you want to keep occupied while you polish off the Roses.

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2. The DIY robot alarm clock

For lovers of building, lovers of robots or for the person who simply can't get up in the morning.

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3. This Santa head basket game

Perfect to kill some time before Christmas dinner.

Or a good excuse to throw things at someone's head.

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4. A Russian roulette shot glass

An ideal Stephen's Day drinking game and a sure-fire way to wake someone up after eating their weight in stuffing.

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5. Comfy dinosaur slippers

These babies will be met with joy by everyone who loves dinosaurs, which is to say everyone.

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6. Emergency money box

For that mate of yours who spent their rent money on vodka boats.

A gift that makes you laugh... and also makes you think.

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7. Copper ware and chopping boards

For your mate who has moved into a new house and is attempting to adult.

(Or for your mum, when you don't know what else to get her.)

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8. Baking stencils

Ideal for that friend of yours who was obsessed with The Great British Bake Off. Also, this will inspire them to bake more things, and possibly give them to you.


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9. Remote controlled Sumo wrestlers

They'll wonder how they got this far in life without them.

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10. Aquarium lamp

Remember the lava lamps of the 90s? Same buzz, definitely more reasonable too.

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11. Dressing table mirror

For your seriously vain friend who wants to see all angles. Also, whopper value for only €8.

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12. Wooden Labyrinth game

Tis the season to play board games.

Despite its lack of real name, this wooden game looks wicked. And the sheer mention of Labyrinth gives us another idea about what to watch over the festive period...

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13. This Christmas Tree hat

Because, why not.

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14. A remote control car

An excuse to get outside, and the opportunity to buy a proper toy as a gift instead of stupid adult presents.

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15. Slick headphones

For an actual practical present that won't cost an arm and a leg.

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16. These whopper cups that change colour

Check these out! An ideal gift, considering the amount of hot tea (whiskey) there is to be consumed this winter.

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17. This incredible breakfast set 

The most subtle of 'breakfast in bed' hints to make to your loved ones.

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18. A chess set

You've always wanted to know how to play, now's your chance. 

Also, there's the option to play with chocolate mocha beans too, if you're into it. Which you are.

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19. A doll's house

As seen on The Late Late Toy Show, this doll's house is cute enough for kids, and cool enough for adults. Also folds away neatly, for the times you want to give the impression that you are in fact an adult. 

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20. This reindeer hat

Once again, why not.

Sure you could wear it to the races.

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21. An array of coffee supplies

For the coffee snob, who couldn't wake up without a cuppa Joe.

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22. The full body umbrella


In fact, maybe we should all buy one of these.

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23. Gloves you can text in

Would also go well with the full body umbrella.

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24. And finally, Danish butter cookies

Because they're so, so good.

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Pics: tiger-stores.ie

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