4 Decent Lunch Dishes You Can Whip Up In the Office Microwave This Week

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For those of us not blessed with an oven, a hob or a grill in work, we can find ourselves fairly snookered if we don't remember to bring a packed lunch.

But there is one thing that almost every office does have: a microwave.

And there's a lot more you can do with them than zapping those salty, oily, heinously unhealthy ready meals – just take these four recipes, for example.

1. Five minute quiche in a mug 

The easiest meal you never knew you could make. Tasty, easy and takes five minutes. Yes, FIVE MINUTES. Sure you'd be mad not to.

Full recipe here.

5 Minute Spinach And Cheddar Microwave Quiche In A Mug 3

Photo cred: www.bowlofdelicious.com

2. Homemade burrito bowl 

Skip the queues and whip yourself up this tasty burrito bowl. Low calorie, high taste and absolutely delicious. Also barely any prep time at all. 

Full recipe here.

Cbf449D092F3F24D Burrito Bowl 1

Photo cred: www.popsugar.com

3. Baked sweet potato with warm black bean salsa

Full of protein, fibre, and bucket loads of taste. But, the best part? They're so very simple.

Full recipe here.

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Photo cred: www.eatingwell.com

4. Three-minute pita pizza

Just because there are some days where no lunch other than pizza will do.

But this isn't just any ordinary office friendly pizza – this pita pizza is healthy, while still tasting legit, and only takes three minutes.

Do with this information what you will.

Full recipe here.

Whole Wheat Pita Pizza 3 Ingredients 3 Minute 7

Photo cred: www.gimmedelicious.com

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