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20th Dec 2016

6 Takeaway Dishes Worth Getting For The Wales Match


Looking for something to indulge in while watching the rugby today, but just don’t know where? Us too. So we’ve compiled a list of the best, tastiest, meatiest and spiciest. 

We’ve done the thinking, so you don’t have to. Aren’t we sound.

1. The Blazing Sombrero, Gourmet Burger

This beauty is combined of guindilla pepper, pickled onion rings, rocket, chorizo relish, smoked cheddar, a 6 0z beef burger, tortilla chips, house mayo and a brioche bun.

Gourmet Burger has you covered, big time.

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2. The Paleo Box, Little Ass Burrito Bar

Being good and staying on the gain train doesn’t mean you have to compromise on flavour with this paleo burrito box. Chilli and lime chicken, sweet potato, guacamole, coriander make up this beauty, which will keep you full for the whole day.

Add some fresh chilis for an incredible kick – Little Ass always has freshest jalapeños going.

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3. Fish And Chips, Beshoff Bros

Beshoff Bros have fish and chips down, so much so that they’re well worth the long queue there always is outside their Clontarf headquarters.

They also do a low cal version which involves a side salad, if you want a healthier options. Gluten and wheat free options available too.

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4. Spinach Wrap, Chopped

Looking to get something satisfying, but not to feel guilty afterwards? Get yourself a Chopped.

All the taste and none of the calories. They’ve a vast menu from which you can choose anything and everything, and the best part? All of it’s good for you.

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5. BBQ Ribs, Aussie BBQ

Aussie BBQ is famous for their meat, with regards to both quantity and quality. Which is extremely rare. And, the carnivorous company’s BBQ ribs are no different.

Pair it with sweet potato fries and you’re onto a complete winner.

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6. Pizza, Bar Italia

Bar Italia have an impressive selection of pizzas on both their lunch time and á la carte menus, all of which would please any Italian.

Their pizza dough is made fresh daily and they only use the freshest and ripest produce for the toppings.

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