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10th Sep 2017

7 Beautiful Weekend Walks To Tackle On Dublin’s Northside


One of the best things about this city is its proximity to the sea and the mountains. 

We previously written about some great walks in the city, but with most focused on the Southside of the river, so we wanted to create another list for the Northside. 

All you have to do now is drag your ass out of bed or off the couch and enjoy the weekend while it’s still here. 

1. Rogerstown Estuary

A decent drive out of the city, but no better way to get back to nature and enjoy the countryside. This place is packed full of all sorts of wildlife and is a haven for bird watchers and other lovers of nature. Some good info here on points of interest.


2. Clontarf 

A shorter journey for most people, as this part of Dublin 3 is only about 10 minutes from the city centre when the traffic’s light. Stunning views across the bay and a great place for a walk or jog no matter the weather. Also a very popular spot with joggers, being especially busy during summer. 

Lots more info here on the various walks.


3. Red Island, Skerries, Co. Dublin

Start at the old monument in the north of the town and try to time the walk with low tide so you can walk out as far as possible. Although this is fast becoming part of Dublin, it has a seaside village feel to it and you feel as if you are hundreds of miles away. Make sure to stop in for food in the town and get lots more info here.

4. Loughshinny

Loughshinny is a small seaside village in between Skerries and Rush. The village has lots of history and they’ve designed three walks which are 3.5km each and broken into sections so you can do as many as you want depending on physical fitness. Full information on the walk and the area in general here.

5. The North Bull Island 

The Bull is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, so this is primarily a nature walk. This is an amazing place in for birdwatching and a must see for nature lovers. The walk itself is a 5km looped walk, but you could extend it or shorten as needed. Full info on the route here.

6. Portmarnock To Malahide 

Easily one of the most scenic parts of Dublin with the feel of being in a small seaside town, but looking over the city itself and everything that the gorgeous Northside coast has to offer. Park up in Portmarnock and find one of the amazing places to eat in Malahide, have a pint in Gibney’s and then decide if you’re going to walk or bus it back.

Malahide Gorgeous

7. Cliff Walk Howth Head 

We saved the best one for last. We might even go as far as saying this is the best walk in the whole city. On a good day you’ll see everything around the bay as well as down into the village of Howth. It’s a 6km walk that raises up to 130m so it’s a bit challenging, but the good news is that at the end of it you’ll be able to enjoy the magic of Howth village and some epic seafood. More info here.

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