7 ​Last Minute Valentine's Day Pressies You Can Organise Right Now

They won't suspect a thing!

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Fucked up and forgot to get pressies for that special someone? You're a terrible person.

However, we're here to help with some thrifty, thoughtful and kinda ridiculous suggestions on how to rectify the situation...

Handmade coupons

Go for popular PG options like '1 Hug Voucher' or 'Get Outta The Dishes Free Card', or be a little bit naughtier...

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Spotify playlist

Harking back to the mixtape days of yore, you've got two options here... Firstly, you could be mega lazy and just rehash one of Spotify's romantic playlists and claim it as your own. 

Or, alternatively, you could be suuuuper cheesy and make a playlist of all the songs you associate with bae. (Methinks you'll get more kudos for the latter!)

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Bake a cake

More effort than just buying a box of Milk Tray at the local garage, but totally worth it to see their face.

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Mean Girls Gif I Wish I Could Bake A Cake Full Of Rainbows And Smiles

Netflix subscription

Pretty much guaranteed some chill after you award them their year's subscription.

Netflix Chill Memes

A weekend away

Whether it's to the cottage your nana owns in Donegal, or you find a cheap Groupon, just tell them you're both going away on a trip and figure out the deets later. They'll be delira.

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Festival tickets

Plan some mischief for the summer months by buying two tickets to Body&Soul before they sell out

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Sock puppet

Make a sock version of your significant other, they'll love you for your thoughtfulness - swear! 

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