Nine Stages We All Experience On A Lazy Sunday

How the f*ck is it Monday tomorrow already?

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Sunday is one of the most disappointing days of the week. You think you have so much time to chill and then BAM, not so much.

Here are the nine stages we all go through on a lazy Sunday...

1. Chill AF

You open your eyes and shut them again, happy in the knowledge that today is your day to do absolutely nothing.

If your hungover you're buzzing that you can spend the day feeling shite without having to do any work or socialise in any way.

Time to wrap yourself up like a burrito and get in those extra winks.

2. Mobile zombie

Sure you need to catch up on everything you missed over the week. You find yourself glued to your phone switching between apps and looking for something you can Instagram later that evening.

If there are horrific Snapchats from the night before now is your chance to delete them and save your dignity.

3. Hunger

The only thing that will get you out of bed on the Sabbath day is that rumble in your stomach.

Time to raid the fridge eat everything in your path.

Sunday is not a day for using a glass, you drink the OJ out of the carton, go you.

4. Ugh, tidying

Yep as time starts ticking you realise Sunday is not that fun. You need to wash all of your clothes for the week ahead, and the gaffer is in a bit of a state.

Now is your chance to get things in order, as much as you don't want to, it has to be done.


5. Feck hygiene

Sunday is a sweat pants day, a no makeup day, a day to bask in your own filth.

Feck it, I'll shower tonight!

6. More eating

Why is it that I can eat so much more food on a Sunday than any other day?

Boredom probably.

7. Feck, it's Monday tomorrow

This is the time to start getting anxious about the week ahead. Have you got everything in order?

Ah yeh be grand, may as well watch another 7 episodes of Netflix

8. How the FECK is it Monday tomorrow?!

Oh no wait.. you DON'T have everything in order?

But how in the world did is it Monday tomorrow, weekends are so short. Too short.

9. FML

Feck it anyway!

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