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9 Reasons Why The ‘3-in-1’ Is So Disgusting And Wrong It Should Be Made Illegal

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The sight, the smell, the texture… the taste.

Everything about the 3-in-1 is so wrong – and yet, somehow, it’s managed to elevate itself to some lofty status within Irish life, alongside Tayto, Barry’s Tea and shifting in Coppers.

Well, I’m calling it right now: the Emperor is in the nip. And here are nine reasons why.


1. Non-chipper chips are a waste of time

THIS is how chips are supposed to look.


Chips in 3-in-1s never, ever look like this.

2. Chips and rice should quite simply not occupy space on the same plate/box/tin

Like Sexton and O’Gara in their playing days, or your current girlfriend and your ex, it’s absolutely fine that both of these things co-exist – but they’re not supposed to actually fucking be in the same place at any point.

curry 1

3. Curry sauce is the taste of the 1970s

Things have moved on since then.


4. They’re devoid of any colour other than beige

Would it really kill them to add a few spinach leaves? Even a symbolic coriander leaf as a garnish, just to pretend?


5. They’re devoid of any texture other than squelch

Biting into it feels like rubbing your teeth off the sleeve of your school uniform. Remember that?



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6. It has its own name and really shouldn’t

3-in-1 implies some sort of thematic unity; some ancient mysticism, some air of magic that counfounded the Elders.

This is like someone trying to sell you a shoe, a horse and a HMV voucher and telling you they work really well together.

7. Chicken balls come as extra

Whoa, whoa, whoa… you want me to pay extra for the pleasure of adding the single most disgusting item of food ever created?



8. They look like an accident

Maybe they are an accident.


Photo: JZivvi on Twitter

9. They look like sadness

They are sadness.

currychips 1

Main pic: calum_shoodgirl/Twitter

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