9 Serious Questions We Had After Listening To The Song 'I Wanna Be Irish'

What on earth is going on?

Just in case you've blinked and missed it, an extraordinary video had been doing the rounds of the internet as of late.

Little-known Kiwi artist, Mikaela Dewar, has caused quite a stir on Twitter over the past few days, since her song 'I Wanna Be Irish' was uploaded to YouTube – even though it dates from her 2004 album 'Overdressed.' Sounds saucy.

It's abundantly clear that this poor girl has never so much as read our Wiki entry – let alone actually been here. But, while it makes some laugh, it made us think - here are 9 questions that ran through our heads while listening to 'I Wanna Be Irish' by Mikaela Dewar.

1. "There's always a joke and a friendly face / Your only worry is the I.R.A."

Is it?

2. ''There's always a joke and a friendly face''

Has she been to Ireland?

3. ''Drink my Guinness, dance a jig / All night long, not feel a thing."

Is she aware of what she's condoning?

200 9

4. "I wanna be Irish, have the luck of the Irish''

Has she never heard of Thierry Henry?

5. ''The whiskey flows as the sun comes up''

Do people think that's how we wake up?

6. ''The Pogues rule the airwaves, and there's Riverdance"

Does she think Riverdance is how we get around?

200-1 4

7. ''They work on the docks and they're down on their luck, or in the factories made of concrete, dreaming of the pub and sovereignty''

Do people think we spend our time waiting for the next appropriate moment to booze?!

Well, in fairness...

200-3 4

8. "There's peace in the streets, there's shamrocks in the grass''

Has she been to Temple Bar?

9. 'I wanna be fucking Irish!'

How many board rooms did this have to go through before it was produced?!

200-2 4

Written By

Kate Demolder

Kate is a staff writer here at Lovin Dublin. T: @katedemolder / kate@lovin.com