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20th Dec 2016

A New Study Has Revealed That 88% Of Adults Are Now Sexting


A new online survey has revealed that more than 8 out of 10 people are now sexting.

Conducted by Drexel University’s Women’s Health Psychology Lab, the recently released study found that people who sexted were actually more satisfied with their sex life, especially those in a relationship.

This research indicates that sexting is a prevalent behaviour that adults engage in for a variety of reasons. These findings show a robust relationship between sexting and sexual and relationship satisfaction.

Emily Stasko, a clinical psychology doctoral student in Drexel University

For the purposes of the survey, sexting was defined as “the sending or receiving of sexually suggestive or explicit content via text message, primarily using a mobile device.”

With just over half the participants in this study being female, 870 people were surveyed across the US aged between 18 and 82 to assess their sexting behaviours, motivating factors, relationship and sexual satisfaction.

So, there’s a lot of this going on then.