This Study Revealed The Most Effective Excuse When Pulling A Sickie

Apparently the 'sick voice' isn't gonna cut it


Research has revealed the most effective excuse to use when taking a sick day from work.

The UK healthcare insurance provider AXA PPP surveyed 1,000 business owners and came up with some interesting statistics on what bosses accept as valid reasons for a sick day.

It revealed that the majority of employers don’t consider the likes of migraines, back pain, or even surgery as good enough excuses for taking a day off.


"Do it on your own time"

So what exactly is the best excuse? The flu, apparently.

The survey ranked the acceptability of sick day excuses as follows: flu (42%), back pain (38.5%), accidental injury (38.2%), stress (35.4%), elective surgery (35.2%), depression (34.5%), anxiety (25.4%), common cold (23.8%) and migraine (21.7%).

Of course, we're sure you wouldn't use this info to pull a sickie of your own...


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