A New Study Has Revealed The Best Part Of Your Workday To Take A Break

Just tell your boss a study told you to do it, they'll understand


You mightn’t be aware of this, but the time at which you take a break during the day plays a major part in just have restorative it is, and the best time for a break has just been discovered.

According to a new study, mid-morning breaks are significantly more beneficial than mid-afternoon ones for recuperation.

Conducted by two professors at Baylor University, the research revealed that the more time that passes since the beginning of the workday, the less useful a break becomes.

Therefore, breaks taken earlier in the day were more likely to replenish energy, concentration and motivation.

Their results indicated that it's actually easier to restore these resources earlier during the workday, as they naturally fade as the day wears on.

Now all you have to do is convince your boss of that.


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