A New Survey Revealed That 61% Of Us Have The Exact Same Lunch Every Day

This makes us kinda sad


A new survey has just revealed that a surprising 61% of people have the same lunch every single day.

The stats were released by Orangina, who conducted a survey about the highs and lows of Irish people's lives to help give them "a little shaking up."

The research also revealed some of the highlights of the average Irish person's day: 4% said it was getting more than 11 likes on an Instagram post, 6% said it was seeing their dog, 4% said it was having a perfectly ripened avocado for breakfast, and 25% said it was seeing a loved one.

13% of people said they’d change career and 30% said they would travel the world in order to give their lives the shake up they need.

First thing's first, the 61% of you suffering through boring lunches, try reinventing them with our recipes.

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