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01st Feb 2017

AIB Has Released A Statement About Contactless Payments Fees


AIB announced just yesterday that they plan on continuing to waive the transaction fees for contactless payments for their customers. 

The Irish bank giant commenced contactless payments back in 2012, meaning customers could opt to use a contactless payment to pay for items less than €30.

In their statement the bank said:

AIB today confirms its intention to continue to waive the transaction fee for contactless payments. Since the introduction of contactless payments in 2012, customers can use contactless to pay for items up to €30, quickly, securely and without transaction fees. 

AIB customers are using contactless for more than five million transactions a month and this is continually growing. 

Contactless is a convenient payment method, especially in cafes, supermarkets and local shops and reduces the need for customers to carry cash. Customers can pay for transactions by touching their contactless card or mobile device (using Android Pay) to the terminal without the need to enter their PIN. 

Paying with contactless is safe and uses the same robust industry-standard secure encryption technology as Chip and PIN. For added protection, from time to time consumers may be asked to insert their card and enter their PIN into the card terminal or unlock their device to complete the transaction to verify they are the genuine card holder. 

Great news for all AIB customers. Long may free contactless use reign.

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