Bus Éireann Supposedly Spent €2.4 Million On New Coaches – That Are Too Long

Size matters


In a turn of events that seems somehow incredibly Irish, Bus Éireann has bought four new buses supposedly worth €2.4 million that are too long for their scheduled routes.

The 'Super' coaches are due to service the route from Cavan to Dublin, via Kells and Navan, as of next month. Navan locals claim the new buses (which are 1.5 metres longer than standard buses) cannot manoeuvre on the small town's streets.

However, Bus Éireann has rejected the claims that the new buses are not fit for purpose.

Vehicles of this length have been used by Bus Éireann since 2012 without issue. Route risk assessments remain ongoing but we do not envisage any issues arising with the operation of these vehicles.

Bus Éireann spokesperson

With the new route coming into service next month, we'll soon see how 'Super' these new buses are.

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