Business Insider Came To See Apple's Irish HQ – And What They Found Was The Worst Article Of All Time

This is so bad it's good


Tech website Business Insider has become a must-read for tech aficionados and those who like to stay on top of the financial world – and has produced some excellent pieces of work in its short lifetime.

But this article is not one of those articles. And the reaction it's prompted across the world has been utterly brilliant – even drawing comparisons to Holly Carpenter's infamous Indo article about her New Year experience.

Written by Sam Shead, the piece details a trip to Ireland to check out Apple's operations here; the headline full of promise, boasting "here's what we found".

The only problem? What they found was... nothing.

And so they piece became one of the finest examples of "say what you see" we've ever witnessed.


Well, aside from this brief detour into the realms of the bizarre...


And some shrewd observations...


As well as this almost-adorable air of mystery.


We won't spoil the entire piece on you, because it's quite a joy to behold – and you can read it here. But there is one more particular highlight that we feel we can't ignore:



So amazing, in fact, that it spawned an absolutely wonderful piss-take on Gawker that you really need to read once you're done with the original.

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Aidan Coughlan